Friday, July 1, 2016

The Larval Human

The Mother Ship has been tasked to observe and guide the Larval Human as it advances from pupal stage to maturity, eventually emerging from its cocoon a happy and productive member of human society.

The Larval Human functions in an unusual way, eliciting responses from the Nurturing Units that are often confusing. Clearly the Larval Human is the ruler of the species, as the Nurturing Units jump at its every cry, lay out lavish spreads of carefully prepared nutritive foods, and not only clean its excrement, but congratulate its production.

The Larval Human we are observing is a female variety, expelled gracefully from the loins of the female nurturing unit on April 24, 2015. At 14 months old, she has advanced beyond the pupal stage and is now a Toddlarva. The Toddlarva walks on all fours and speaks in jibberish, which the Nurturing Units struggle to make sense of.

The family is further controlled by a canine of the short and long variety, and three felines who believe they run the household.

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